MedSpec ASO Ankle Brace

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  • The MedSpec ASO ankle brace is one of the most popular supports for the protection against and treatment of ankle sprains.

    *Price is for 1 brace only

    Features & Benefits:

    • Stabilizing straps: Form figure-eight to protect and support ankle.
    • Elastic cuff closure: Stabilizing straps and secures laces.
    • Low profile: Will fit in any type of shoe.
    • Bilateral design: Each size fits left or right foot.
    • Ballistic nylon boot: Provides tremendous strength and durability.
    • US manufacturing with higher quality control standards.
    • Available in Black or White

    Two very common ankle injuries are inversion (when the ankle rolls in) and eversion (when the sole of your foot faces away from your other foot). 

    While some inwards (called pronation) and outwards movement (supination) of the ankle is required for normal activity, excessive rolling can cause serious ankle injury.  The MedSpec ASO Ankle Brace is designed to allow some movement of the ankle but the special lace-up design prevents excessive rolling, reducing the risk of an inversion or eversion injury (what is commonly called an ankle sprain).

    Some examples of how an inversion or eversion injury may occur include:

    • Landing on someone else's foot during sport
    • Stepping on uneven surfaces (such as the edge of a footpath)
    • Not planting the foot properly during activity (or even getting out of bed)
    • Slipping

    The ASO Ankle Brace from MedSpec is one of the most popular ankle braces in the world.  It is very popular with people who are trying to get back into normal activity but who want to take reasonable steps to prevent re-injury.  Ankles can take a long time to heal properly and the ASO Ankle Brace can provide that extra security during sport, activity or normal daily routine.

    The ASO Ankle Brace is the preferred choice of medical professionals for preventing and treating chronic ankle sprains in athletes and it's also widely popular with physiotherapists and the general public.

    This ankle brace is the preferred product of over 250 American professional and college teams because of its quality, performance, and durability as a lace up ankle brace. ASO ankle braces feature a thin lace-up nylon boot with patented nylon "figure 8" straps that supports the ankle in a neutral position to effectively prevent an inversion or eversion ankle sprain injury.

    The stabilizer straps (velcro style) can easily be re-tightened even if you're wearing an athletic shoe, and the elastic cuff effectively secures the rest of the brace around the ankle. The MedSpec ASO ankle brace is an excellent alternative for people who woiuld normally tape their ankle and the brace comes with medial and lateral stays to enhance the overall support of the product.

    The removable plastic stays enhance protection against a repeat ankle sprain, and provide effective treatment following an acute sprain. The ASO ankle brace has remained the most popular sports ankle brace among college athletic teams and is the best model for use with sports such basketball, netball, football and soccer.

    ASO ankle braces can be worn after an acute ankle sprain or as a preventative product to protect against repeat inversion and eversions during sport.

    The MedSpec ASO Ankle Brace is made in the USA to very strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure consistent quality.

    Returns – If a product is to be exchanged due to unsuitability or a sizing issue, we will only accept the product back if it is in its original packaging and in a re-saleable condition.  We do, of course, abide by standard legal returns requirements for your shopping satisfaction!

    A little information about ankle sprains – When you roll your ankle and suffer an ankle sprain, you damage your ligaments. All of that tissue damage creates pain and inflammation in your ankle. The immediate goal of any ankle injury is to prevent any further damage to the injured ankle and stop the pain and swelling.

    The easiest way to remember what you need to do when you sprain your ankle is to think of R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

    Your ankle is injured and weak after a sprain. By definition, a sprained ankle has torn ligaments. The ankle ligaments keep the ankle stable. If they are torn, you are at high risk for another sprain. You have to protect the ankle in a brace or walking boot.

    Torn ligaments in the ankle need to be immobilised to heal quickly. If you rest when you have a cold, you will get better faster. If your ankle is injured and you rest, you will heal faster. Try to take it easy and rest as much as possible the first 48 hours after a bad ankle sprain. If you have any questions about how much you should be doing, call your doctor right away.

    Ice stops ankle inflammation, decreases ankle swelling, decreases ankle pain, and helps you recover from your ankle sprain as fast as possible.  Studies show that the best way to apply ice to your ankle is for 10 minutes out of each hour you're awake.

    Swelling can stretch the skin and soft tissues causing pain. Compression helps reduce ankle swelling. Use a wrap, elastic ankle brace, or a compressive stocking to apply uniform pressure to the sprained ankle and reduce the swelling. By decreasing the swelling, your ankle will start to feel less painful. It will also heal faster if it is less swollen. You should keep a compressive dressing in your household first aid kit. Call your doctor if you have any questions on how tight it should be applied or how to wrap the ankle.

    Elevating your leg will use gravity to help drain the inflammatory fluid and reduce swelling. To work best, your ankle should be elevated above your heart. Although it may feel awkward with your ankle elevated that high, it is very effective. Don't just prop it up on a chair. Prop it way up on a pile of pillows. Remember, swelling causes pain and prevents healing. Your ankle sprain will heal best if you reduce that swelling. It is important to keep it elevated for the first 48 hours after the ankle sprain.

    In order to ice your ankle the best way possible, you need appropriate icing equipment.  You should have an Instant Ice Pack in your medicine cabinet for emergencies.  They’re not expensive and they are very useful.

    If you don’t have an Instant Ice Pack you need three things. You need a washcloth, an frozen gel pack or a bag filled with ice, and a wrap. Place the ice pack inside a damp washcloth. This is important so you don’t get ice burn. You only want one layer of damp material between the ice pack and your ankle.

    So, where exactly do you apply the ice pack?  On the outside of your ankle, you can actually feel the fibula bone, and at the front edge of that fibula bone is where the damaged ligament most often is. The ATFL ligament is the one most often injured. You want the ice pack centered right over the bottom front edge of the fibula bone.

    Apply the ice pack, once it's wrapped in the washcloth, over the ankle. Then wrap it inside a compression bandage in order to provide compression and to hold it in place.  If you want to be really prepared you could consider a ThermoActive Ankle Wrap which provides the ice element (through frozen gel) and compression through a nifty system of using a hand pump to inflate a bladder that provides compression.

    By using the right equipment and following suggestions based on experience you will already have accomplished two of the five things you need to do in order to follow the R.I.C.E. method. This will get you ahead of the game. Do this for 10 minutes out of each waking hour.

    By following the R.I.C.E. routine, you can quickly stop the inflammation which can lead to delayed ligament healing, continued ankle pain, and a more painful ankle down the road.Because ankle sprains are an emergency, you should only use this information as a suggestion and see a doctor as soon as you can.



    You must not rely on the information on this site as an alternative to medical advice from your medical physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Consult your healthcare provider immediately if you think that you may have a medical emergency or for the diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition or injury.

  • Sizing: Determine proper ankle support size by measuring the ankle according to the Ankle Circumference Chart or the Standard Shoe Size Chart below. We recommend comparing the ankle circumference measurement against the standard shoe size value to be sure the correct product size is ordered.

    Medspec ASO size chart

    Ankle Circumference Chart:

    • XXS Fits: 9" - 10" Circumference.
    • XS Fits: 10" - 11" Circumference.
    • S Fits: 11" - 12" Circumference.
    • M Fits: 12" - 13" Circumference.
    • L Fits: 13" - 14" Circumference.
    • XL Fits: 14" - 15" Circumference.
    • XXL Fits: 15" - 16" Circumference.

    ASO Sizing Chart - By Shoe Size

    (USA Shoe Size)

    Men 6-7 7 1/2 - 9 9 1/2 - 11 11 1/2 - 13 13 1/2 - 15 15+
    Narrow xxs xs s m l xl
    Regular xs s m l xl xxl
    Wide s m l xl xxl xxl
    Women 5-6 6 1/2 - 8 8 1/2 - 10 10 1/2 - 12 12 1/2 - 14  
    Narrow xxs xs s m l  
    Regular xs s m m l  
    Wide s m l l xl  
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