Flexall 454 Gel Bottle - 454g / 16oz

Flexall 454 Gel Bottle - 454g / 16oz

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  • TGA Registered Product - 49227

    Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel

    Powerful relief from this unique Mentholated Aloe Vera Gel formula enriched with Vitamin E. Contains 7% Menthol as the active agent. Gently massage on to sore muscles, or use in conjunction with Ultrasound therapy for lasting effects.

    Provides temporary, penetrating relief for painful muscles and joints.

    Treat your sore muscles and arthritic joints with the same pain relieving gel endorsed by leading professional US athletic trainers and used by the world's top athletes

    Assists with temporary pain relief from:
    Arthritis pain, bursitis, tendonitis, backache, muscular tension, strains and sprains, bruises and cramps.

    The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help to soothe the skin after the product has been rubbed in.

    Easy to apply and greaseless.

    Application Methods


    Apply generously to painful muscles and joints then gently massage until Flexall disappears. Repeat as necessary for temporary relief of minor arthritis pain, simple backache, bursitis, tendonitis, muscle sprains and strains, bruises, and cramps. Use before and after activity. When treating an injured area or joint, make sure to completely coat the entire area.

    Additional methods of treatment may be recommended depending upon the severity of the condition and the judgment of the health professional.

    Directions For Use With Stretching.

    Stretching before and after exercise is an integral part of any activity. While much emphasis is placed on stretching before exercise, there are additional benefits realized when stretching post-activity. Enhance all stretching sessions by applying Flexall prior to beginning.

    Directions For Use With Soft Tissue Massage.

    Liberally apply Flexall prior to massage. Periodically reapply until completion of the treatment.

    Directions For Use With Ultrasound.

    Enhance ultrasound therapy and increase patient compliance by helping the patient "feel" the treatment. Apply Flexall to the site prior to starting and gently massage in. Next, perform the ultrasound treatment following established protocol. An alternative method is to blend Flexall with a neutral coupling agent, apply this mixture to the treatment site and begin procedure.

    Directions For Use With Cryotherapy.

    Flexall gels can be used in any situation which normally requires the use of ice. Completely coat the injured area with Flexall, cover with a breathable material, and apply ice.

    Warning. Never apply ice directly to the skin or for more than 20 minutes at a time.

    Directions For Use With Breathable Wraps.

    As long as the material is breathable, Flexall can be used in conjunction with tape, wraps, or supports.

    Warning. Never cover an area with cellophane or other nonporous materials after applying Flexall. In some cases, it may lead to skin irritation and blistering.

    Directions For Use With Moist Heat.

    Place a moist heat pack over the affected area for 5-10 minutes. Remove heat, apply Flexall, and massage in.

    Directions For Use With Electrotherapy.

    Apply Flexall to help relieve painful muscles and joints between treatments on a TENS unit. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water prior to reattaching pads.

    Treating Acute Injuries

    Directions For Treating Contusions.

    Liberally apply Flexall without massage. Place an ice pack over the treated area. Do not apply ice directly to the skin or for more than 20 minutes at a time. Continue treatment 2-4 times per day for 2-3 days. Add exercise to avoid loss of range of motion. After 3 days, apply Flexall, then massage while adding heat.

    Directions For Treating Sprains.

    Liberally apply Flexall to the joint followed by the use of ice swabs and ice compression. Use 2 times daily. Continue using Flexall before contrast baths and warm whirlpools.

    Directions For Treating Cramps.

    Apply directly to the muscle which is cramping and massage. In the case of an individual who is very prone to cramping, massage the area with Flexall before exercise.

    Treating Chronic Injuries

    The best regimen to follow is to apply Flexall directly to the injured or painful area before exercise or activity. Upon completion, reapply

    Regulatory Considerations

    Flexall is formulated to stay within the guidelines established by the United States Food and Drug Administration's tentative final monograph for external analgesics and is therefore not required to register as a new drug. According to the FDA, "...a topical analgesic or anesthetic relieves pain by depressing cutaneous sensory receptors... and a counterirritant causes irritation or mild inflammation of the skin for the purpose or relieving pain in muscles, joints or viscera distal to the site of application by stimulating cutaneous sensory receptors." (FDA Tentative Final Monograph 21 CFR Part 348 - External Analgesic Drug Products For Over-The-Counter Human Use)

    The agency classifies the Category I counterirritant active ingredients in the Flexall products as such: menthol and camphor are irritants that produce a cooling sensation, and methyl salicylate is an irritant that produces redness.

    Warning. For external use only. Do not bandage tightly or use a heating pad. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, call a physician or contact a poison control center immediately. Keep away from eyes, mucous membranes, broken or irritated skin. If skin redness or irritation develops, or pain lasts more than 10 days, discontinue use and call a physician.


    You must not rely on the information on this site as an alternative to medical advice from your medical physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Consult your healthcare provider immediately if you think that you may have a medical emergency or for the diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition or injury.

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