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The Com-TENS III TENS Machine is one of our most popular units, affording customers a low-cost solution that provides reliable, effective treatment. It is used for alleviating chronic and acute pain and is designed for rehabilitation/physical therapy.
Q & A
  • The Com-TENS III unit is one of our most popular units, affording customers a low-cost solution that provides reliable, effective treatment. It is used for alleviating chronic and acute pain and is designed for rehabilitation/physical therapy. The Com-TENS III comes complete with a carrying case, 9-volt battery, 2 lead wires, 1 package of 4 pre-gelled electrodes and an operating manual.

    • Dual isolated channels
    • Adjustable pulse amplitude and frequency
    • Plastic clip design
    • Pocket sized
    • Easy operations

    Technical Specifications:

    Channel - Dual, isolated between channels
    Pulse Intensity - Adjustable 0-80mA
    Pulse Rate - 2Hz - 120 Hz (adjustable)
    Pulse Width - 40us - 260us (adjustable)

    To ensure your safety and to guarantee quality, this model (Com-TENS III) is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) under 98095.

    TENS stands for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a treatment that uses low voltage electrical currents to relieve pain.

    TENS is a method of electrical stimulation which primarily aims to provide a degree of symptomatic pain relief by exciting sensory nerves and thereby stimulating either the pain gate mechanism and/or the opioid system. The different methods of applying TENS relate to these different physiological mechanisms. The effectiveness of TENS varies with the clinical pain being treated, but research would suggest that when used ‘well’ it provides significantly greater pain relief than a placebo intervention.

    The gentle electrical current is passed through electrodes which are taped to the skin near the site of the pain. The current comes from a small battery-operated machine. Because the machines are quite portable and easy to use, people find them convenient to use at home.

    TENS is used by people to treat a variety of acute and chronic pain conditions, including low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, knee pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, period pain, tennis elbow, phantom limb pain and the pain of childbirth. The electrodes must be placed near to the source of the pain, for example for back pain they should be placed around the centre of the painful area.

    A suggestion on how to use the TENS:

    This post will talk a little about how to use a TENS units to reduce the pain that you might experience in areas such as your back, knees and ankles.

    Many people tell us that they buy their TENS machine because they are experiencing pain that might be limiting their activities.  What we want to do is use the TENS machine so you can have a better quality of life; so that you can become more functional, you can go outside, you can go to sleep at night without having those issues of pain keeping you awake and causing problems.

    With TENS it’s important to note that it doesn’t matter where your pain is coming from because the principle of treating pain with a TENS machine is the same all over your body.

    With a TENS unit, you have some electrodes, which are soft pads that stick to your skin with a substance that is like a mild, temporary glue. The electrodes have little wire sockets attached to them and into those plugs go wires that plug into your TENS unit.

    Before we get going make sure the channel switches on the top of the TENS machine are off, and that the switches on the front of the device are set to “C” and "N" respectively.

    Principle number one is to identify your pain area. Let’s assume you’re suffering from lower back pain, which is quite common.  Imagine a square on your lower back. Place an electrode at each corner of the imaginary square. Keep the plastic sheet so you can stick the electrodes back on later.

    With your TENS unit you’ll see two wires, each with one black plug at one end and two plugs (a red and a black one) at the other.

    Gently insert a red wire into the electrode at the top right-hand corner of the imaginary square, and the black plug into the electrode electrode in the top left-hand corner. The other end of the wire (with the single plug) can be placed into the Channel 1 socket on the top of the machine.  Now you can slowly turn on the Channel 1 switch until you feel a slight tingling.

    We always place the same colour wires into diagonally opposite electrodes, so place the second red one in the bottom left corner and the second black into the bottom right.  Again, plug into Channel 2 and slowly turn on that channel until you feel a slight tingle.

    You're feeling some stimulation here. Turn channel two up, you start feeling some more stimulation. Both of these channels are basically shooting little pulses of electricity at you, anywhere from 50 to 150 times a second. You feel it as a little skin buzz, a tingling sensation. Now, how much you turn up the channel (which is essentially how much tingling you’ll experience) is relative. It's according to where you experience the sensation of pain but it’s highly recommended you seek the advice of your physio or doctor to make sure you’re using the right amount.

    You’ll see on the front of the TENS machine two little dials – Pulse Width (which regulates the width, also known as duration, of each pulse from 60 to 250 micro seconds) and Frequency (which requlates the frequency of the pulses from 2 pulses per second up to 150 pulses per second.

    So, basically, increasing the frequency will increase the number of pulses and increasing the pulse width will make the pulses longer.  The more you adjust these settings the more electricity flowing into you, and there will be a point that pulsing might become painful.  It’s pretty obvious: always start at the low end and increase very slowly and never use a setting that causes pain.  The electrical pulses should release endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer) so there’s no point causing more pain by using the TENS at the wrong setting.

    By adjusting the settings, you may feel like the pulsing sensation from the TENS unit is actually going deeper and farther.

    As an example, a 33-year old who has had major knee surgery and endures ongoing pain years after the surgery, uses a TENS machine regularly with Pulse Width set to 200, a Frequency of 10 and the Channels set at 4.  This is only an example and you should adjust the settings to what works for you.

    All we're trying to do is cover the pain area with a sensation that is not painful. If we can achieve that, you're going to be doing fine. Once you've got that tingling sensation at a comfortable level, you should close the top cover and the front cover so you won't accidentally hit the button and make the levels go up.

    Now the unit is portable.  You can put it in your pocket, or hold onto it.  When you get ready to go to sleep at night, if your pain is great, wear the unit all night long. If you get ready to go outside and your pain is great, wear the unit whatever you're doing. The key to this is whenever you feel pain, use your TENS unit. That's all you have to do. If you turn it off and the pain comes back, turn it back on back make sure you’re not causing skin irritation from the electrodes from keeping them on too long.

    Electrical muscle stimulation is internationally accepted for the treatment of muscular injuries. The way it works is by having electrical impulses go right into the muscle groups that we want to treat. Then those muscle groups are passively exercised.

    This therapy has been used in hospitals, has been used in sports clinics for all sort of things, from muscle re-education, preventing muscle atrophy, treating muscle injury, increasing blood supply, increasing circulation, and increasing muscle tone. Commonly, many of the conditions that this is used to treat would include increasing range of motion, maintaining the same range of motion, increasing blood supply, decreasing muscle spasm, re-educating muscles, and even preventing thrombosis rmation post-surgically.

    The TENS unit aims to help reduce pain without drugs and without intrusive procedures. It uses a low frequency electrical current to mask the pain.

    What has been explained is that we try to completely surround the area of pain with the pads, the four electrodes.

    There are three modes to the TENS unit – burst mode, modulation mode, and normal. These are set differently so as to keep the body from getting used to the TENS so it's more effective to the body.   You can trial each mode to see which offers you the best results.


    You must not rely on the information on this site as an alternative to medical advice from your medical physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Consult your healthcare provider immediately if you think that you may have a medical emergency or for the diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition or injury.

  • Reviews

    Lightning fast shipping, top product, great customer experience

    Posted by Callum on 08/06/2016

    I ordered my Tens machine on a Friday afternoon, it arrived on a Tuesday morning, even with a public holiday! So fast.

    Have used it on several ailments in the 24 hours I've had it and I can already feel the benefits. So happy with this purchase for a great price

    excellent, product was exactly what I wanted and hard to find!

    Posted by Gillian on 16/02/2016

    This model is so neat and the buttons are secure when in use. I like that it is small and discreet and I can wear it when out and about. I also like that it has 4 pads instead of 2. Brilliant tens machine. Have used others but nothing compares to this. I had one the very similar 20 years ago and am delighted to have found this!!!!

    They do as they say!

    Posted by Natasha on 15/01/2016

    I ordered my Tens machine. I was advised when it had been shipped. I knew exactly where it was at every step. It was delivered within days. It works perfectly. What more can you ask for. Excellent service. Excellent product. Excellent price. I'm super happy!!!

    Best purchase ever made!

    Posted by Llona on 22/05/2013

    I bought the Com- TENS III TENS Machine - best purchase I ever made. My Dr advised me to purchase a TENS machine for ongoing pain that could not be controlled. First time I used this machine there was relief. The price is fantastic - one of the cheapest Australia wide without buying something potentially dangerous. Optomo has also registered this product with the Theraputic Goods Administration (Australian Government, Dept of Health and Ageing) - guarenteed safety!! There was no charge for shipping and it arrived so quickly which was fantastic. Arrived with everything I needed to get started and the instruction manual was very precise. Overall I had a very good experience buying with Optomo, I would (and have) recommend Optomo to anyone looking to buy medical supplies!! Super happy I found you!!!

    Thankyou for the the advice online and the fast delivery

    Posted by Dorothy on 16/05/2013

    I have to have a knee replacement but I'm trying to keep out of hospital as long as I can and the com-tens machine 111 is keeping me relativly pain free and able to carry on as normal,and even walking my dog for at least 1 hr per day. Thankyou so much

    Good after knee surgery

    Posted by James M on 17/12/2010

    I had knee surgery (for a tibial tuberosity transfer) and used TENS afterwards for pain treatment.

    You just use the little pads and stick them to your skin (no pain removing either) and turn on the machine. It just sends a little electronic pulse through the area and relieves pain.

    The physio told me it stimulates the release of endorphines (sp?) or something which is your body's natural pain relief.

    Anyway, the physio used it for treatment and recommended a home kit. I recommend it for post operation or even if you have an injury or ache. I think it works the same way.

    This machine is small and compact and you can transport it quite easily.

    Recommended product.

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  • Video Transcription:

    Hi, I'm James, and today I'm going to tell you a little bit about the Com
    III TENS machine, the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Now I'm
    going to run you through a few of the components of the Com III TENS.

    First of all, it comes in a really sturdy plastic case, so you can take it
    traveling and it won't get damaged. Inside the plastic case, you will find
    three main components, the first of which is the TENS unit itself, which
    opens up and has controls on the inside. We'll get to them in a minute.

    Second, you will see a pad of electrodes. Now the electrodes are little
    circles with wires coming out of them, that stick onto a plastic sheet. Now
    the black side has a temporary glue, and that goes onto your skin. Very
    important that you don't lose the plastic sheet, so you can reuse it.

    The third and final component that makes up the TENS unit are the wires.
    Now on one end, there's a single plug. On the other end, there's a red and
    a black plug. Now, it's quite simple. All you need to do is take your four
    ends here and put them into the electrodes. It doesn't really matter which
    order they go in. You just make sure they fit nice and snugly, like this,
    and that's it there.

    Now on the TENS unit itself, the top has a cover that lifts up, and you can
    see that you need to make sure that these dials are not turned on. See that
    has power going through it, so you make sure that goes off and the green
    light goes off. That means that there is no input power into the unit. This
    is very important, because you are about to plug into the TENS unit, from
    the electrodes. So you take these two wires and simply put them into the
    top of the TENS unit like so, and then basically your electrodes are now
    connected to your TENS unit.

    Now I will run you through a few of the features on the TENS unit itself.
    As I mentioned, on the top, there is a power situation for both wires,
    because we do have four electrodes, two wires on each.

    On the front, you simply need to open up that cover. This is inside the
    cover of the TENS machine. Over here, you can see the Pulse Frequency
    Control. This regulates the frequency of the pulses, from between 2 to 150
    pulses per second. Over here, we have the Pulse Width Control, and this
    regulates the width or the duration of each pulse from 60 to 250 micro

    This here is the Burst, Normal and Modulated control. Now basically, the
    Burst sends an electrical current like this into your skin, Normal sends a
    constant flow, and Modulated gets bigger and then drops away.

    Then, up at the top, we have the timer for 30 or 60 minutes, and basically
    that means that you can set it and then it will set itself off after a
    certain period of time. Those are the basic controls of the TENS unit.

    Okay. Now, I'm going to show you how I put on the TENS electrodes myself.
    If you want, you can always get advice from a doctor or a physiotherapist.
    First thing you need to do is to make sure that the unit is switched off,
    otherwise you are going to get a very uncomfortable electrical stimulation
    when you weren't expecting it. All you have to do, quite easily, it's very
    simple, is to take the electrodes off the plastic sheet and to affix them
    to your leg. Now, what I try and do is to have the red and the black
    diagonal of each other. I'll show you what I mean. Its got the temporary
    glue there, so it basically sticks quite nicely onto my leg, and I put it
    onto the nice muscly bits, as opposed to the bony bits of my leg. Now you
    can see that this one is red, so I want the other red one to go down the
    bottom here. So I put the black one there and take this red one and put it
    down there. Keep the plastic sheet. You need that again.

    Now we take our TENS unit and flip the cover. I have got the Pulse Width
    set to a 180 and the frequency set to 10. I have got the timer on C for
    constant. I am going to put the control here to N for normal, which means
    I'll get a nice constant flow of electricity stimulation into my knee. All
    I have to do now is basically turn these dials very slowly until I start
    feeling, sort of a small buzz going into my leg. I can't feel anything yet,
    so I will keep turning, and I have had a lot of trouble with my knee, three
    operations, so I use this quite frequently and I really do feel a
    difference. It does ease a lot of the pain that I get, sort of post-
    operative ache and just general soreness.

    Now I am turning this very, very slowly, and I can start to feel a buzz in
    the bottom two electrodes. So I have got that, just a little bit of a buzz,
    and now I can turn the other one, you can see that one's working and this
    one is not. Turn this one very slowly, and what's going to happen is I'm
    going to feel a buzz in these two electrodes. I just keep turning it on. If
    you want to give yourself a bit of a fright, you can turn it quickly. It is
    not recommended. Okay, now I am getting a nice buzz through the top
    electrodes and the bottom electrodes. Oh, that's nice.

    As I said before, I have it on normal, so I'm getting a constant flow. To
    change the settings, you simply turn the dials on the front. Now I am
    adjusting the pulse width. So, I feel electricity coming into my knee a
    little bit like that, and if I turn the pulse width up, it basically makes
    the electricity, sort of, vibrate a little bit faster. You might be able to
    see here, my leg is sort of moving and that is quite pleasant, that doesn't
    hurt at all. I know it might look a bit funny, but it doesn't hurt. It's
    sort of a massage.

    Now I am adjusting the frequency, which basically means the buzz was going
    [makes sound] dug, dug, dug and now its going [makes sounds]. So the higher
    up I move that, it sort of makes a "bzzzzzz" now. So on 5, it was a [makes
    sound], good sound effects. At 45, which is down here on the control, it is
    really sort of "bzzzzz".

    Now, I'm just going to do a bit of a demonstration. If you just watch this
    part of my leg, I'll make the pulse width bigger. You will see my quad is
    getting quite a good workout on there. Just going to turn that down a bit.
    There you go. So I have turned the bottom ones down and just focusing up
    here for the demonstration.

    Now you can adjust the settings as you feel appropriate and just go through
    like that. Now, if I move this to Burst, watch what happens to my quad. So
    that's the electrical stimulation going through into my leg. It's not
    recommended that you use the machine like this. I am just simply showing
    you how it can work on different parts of your body. So again, I simply
    adjust these dials and I reduce the pulse width, which means I have a
    greater space between the pulses and the frequency can come down too, which
    means I am getting less of a "zzzzz", to more of a boom boom boom. If I
    move it off Burst, back to Normal, it goes away and it is back to like

    Now if we try Modulation, which is electricity comes up and then drops
    away, watch what happens to my leg again. Okay, it's sort of a [makes
    sound] and then drops away. It is quite pleasant. I adjust the settings
    like this just every now and again. I don't keep it on the same setting for
    too long, just to make sure that the stimulation is happening comfortably.

    Okay. I have turned that up, just for the purpose of the demonstration.
    Different people can tolerate different amounts of stimulation like that.
    Considering how bad my knee is, I do try and turn it up quite a lot,
    because I find it does relieve the pain afterwards, and I get a good range
    of motion. It is good for the wintertime or when it gets a bit cold and
    stiff, and basically I find that this takes the ache away after using it
    for a while.

    So there you go. That is the Com-TENS III, and it's available on, and it's in stock and ready to ship.




    Please be very aware that this information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. CALL YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IMMEDIATELY IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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    Does the Com-TENS III TENS Machine come with an adapter/battery charger? If not how long do the batteries last?

    Posted by Bruce Cox on 30/01/2014
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    Watched video, all about knee. does same principle work for chronic lower back pain?

    Posted by Leon Butler on 09/09/2013
    Show answers

    Hello, what type/size of battery does this machine take and do you have a machine that can plug into an electrical source (house socket)

    Posted by Casimir on 26/07/2013
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